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Making access to higher education more democratic enables the increasingly strong demand for higher education programs in European States to be met. It also contributes to nurturing knowledge-led European economies. States are clear about the advantage that can be found in dual approaches and are increasingly called to dopt a cooperative approach between public and private institutions rather than a competitive one.

Private higher education is becoming more important and playing a greater role, both in Europe and further afield. This remarkable development reveals wide variety, naturally likely to add value but also liable to weaken the overall effectiveness of a higher education system. Aware of the challenges posed by an exemplary and inclusive Europe in the context of a globalized orld, where alternative social models are coming to light, independent European higher education intends to play its part in the construction of Europe and to promote the values of social inclusion, academic and scientific excellence, freedom and democracy.

With this declaration, the signatory organizations affirm:

  • the need to recognize the true worth of the role played by independent higher education in welcoming and training students in Europe.
  • Their wish to increase cooperation among themselves, based on the Bologna process.

They affirm their attachment to the key principles of the Bologna Declaration and commit to:

  • Guaranteeing high-quality education and training provision and academic excellence.
  • Promoting vocational training and sandwich courses.
  • Adapting programs to European challenges, now and in the future.
  • Training responsible European citizens aware of the demands of a sustainable economy.
  • Contributing to the development of flourishing regions and anticipating changes in employment pools.
  • More generally, contributing to the momentum for the European Higher Education Area.

To that end, signatory organizations commit to supporting the creation of a European network of independent higher education organizations in a spirit of
cooperation and collaboration

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Signed in Paris, on November 30, 2017