On Wednesday, 17 June, the annual Ordinary General Assembly of EUPHE was held, approved unanimously by the members that Klaus Hekking as representative of VPH (Germany) took office for an initial two-year term, completely renewing itself to the rest of the board of office and incorporating as a guest member Marcin Jacoby of SWPS (Poland).

President, Klaus Hekking VPH (Germany)

1st Vice-President, Jean Michel Nicolle UGEI (France)

2nd Vice-President, Joao Redondo, APESP (Portugal)

1st Treasurer, Karl Wöber ÖPUK (Austria)

2nd Treasurer, Bertrand Doncieux UNFL (France)

Secretary General, Antonio Alonso AEEN (Spain)

Guest member, Marcin Jacoby of SWPS (Poland).

In addition, two new members were welcomed to EUPHE – Higher Education Colleges Association (HECA), Ireland and SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Poland. Jean-Michel Nicolle served the Board for the last two years as President. His term expired as EUPHE Board is elected for a two-year term. “I am extremely honored and excited to take on the role of the President for this hard-working and results driven association. Jean-Michel has served as President with the utmost integrity and I intend to pick up where he left off alongside an amazing group of professionals who have the knowledge and experience working throughout private higher education sector in Europe” said Klaus Hekking.

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