10 reasons why private higher education is important for the Future of Europe

IHE is the expression of a free, vivid, democratic and self-confident civil society, who believes that HE is so important that it requires the involvement and participation of both, public and private, HEI.
IHE is an expression of diversity and plurality of the European HE system and thus increases the freedom of choice for students and faculty in HE.
IHEI* offer their students programs on the current state of science and didactics which correspond to the actual needs and demands in society and industry.
IHEI respond with entrepreneurial spirit efficient and swiftly to new qualification and competence requirements of students and the industry with tailor-made programs.
IHEI combine in their universities of applied sciences scientific expertise with practical competences to programs with high value added.
IHEI as state-independent institutions contribute to the development of a more agile and motivating, efficient and outcome-oriented HE system.
IHEI support the European HE System in the global competition for students with their customer- and marketing-oriented approach.
IHEI are committed to equity, accessibility and social inclusion in HE and enable participation of all kind of students by tailor-made programs to promote their professional advancement. IHE is education for the people by the people.
IHEI emphasize performance and outcome-orientation of faculty and students and support the promotion of the gifted and brightest talents regardless of their social background.
IHEI support with their entrepreneurial spirit the development of an attractive European labor-market in HE with attractive job opportunities.