10 reasons why private higher education is important for the Future of Europe

PHE is the expression of a  free, vivid, democratic and self-confident civil-society, who believes higher education is too important to be exclusively in the hands of the governements
PHE supports the diversity of the European higher education system, increases the freedom of choice of European citizens in education and promotes the mobility of students and faculty in the  European higher education system.
PHE provides labour-market related, scientific research and competence oriented study courses and inceases in this way the performance and fitting of the European Higher Education system to the needs of society. PHE helps each territory to keep up to general economic development.
PHE works as a result of its decentralized and entrepreneurial structure proactive and focused and therefore is able to transform new requirements of qualification fast and with flexibility.
PHE contributes by its autonomy to the creation of an independent and efficient system of Higher Education in Europe.
PHE supports the international competition in higher education through the innovation, quality, and efficiency.
PHE pursues strategies that enable each citizen to attend higher education and thus promotes professional and personal advancement and social participation.
PHE emphasizes and blooms the performance-orientation of faculty and students and tries to build up the best of each person.
PHE enriches the labour market in Higher Education with attractive job opportunities for academicians.
PHE is education for citizens by citizens.